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Upon recognizing a distinct opportunity to improve the customer experience of Avi Urban multi-family homeowners, Blue Jean Property Management (Blue Jean PM) was created. Founded by the Homes by Avi Group of Companies, and building on the 40+ years of development experience, Blue Jean PM entered the market with deep industry knowledge and agility. We identified a distinct need for qualified management of developer turnover to condominium boards, administration, direction, and operations was identified, Blue Jean PM has evolved into a full-service condominium management company.

Leading with superior customer service, and prioritizing the distinct needs of any condominium community, we ensure tailored services through the delivery of timely responses, resourceful services on demand, and ultimately, market value protection through proper management and accounting services. Blue Jean PM provides financial value and trust with in-house maintenance personnel; ensuring diligent repairs and upkeep of each property.

Along with the industry’s best human resources, our processes and policies on communication, transparency, and responsible accounting propel us above the crowd. With diverse knowledge of property management requirements, best practices, and Condominium Property Act and Real Estate Act Rules and Regulations, Blue Jean PM offers competitive pricing, and a variety of management services that are tailored to each condominium community. Blue Jean PM also has a consultant broker that ensures correct guidelines Рas set in place by Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Рare in place, and offers further council on matters pertaining to managed properties of Blue Jean PM.

In addition, Blue Jean PM can provide references and resources to landlord-owners of the condominium community; extending service to all facets of the managed properties. Further addressing the needs of the community, our goal is to achieve 100% occupancy through the comprehensive management of client rental portfolios to include: lease-up services, rental administration, and maintenance.

Bringing innovation is paramount to the Blue Jean PM team. Through secure, individualized community communication portals, property owners and board members can complete or review:


  • Service requests
  • Document library
  • Mobile app (Free for Download on any phone or tablet)
  • Electronic consent
  • Discussion forums
  • Condominium announcements
  • Additional information including: activity feed, owner profile, community news, integrated system, and push notifications available