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The management of your condominium should never be taken lightly. Blue Jean Property Management understands how important it is to protect your investment and make sure that it this is done in a professional and responsible manner. This requires professional people that know what they are doing. Our staff consists of licensed business professionals, professional accountants, and a wide range of experts that provide support to all of our properties.

When you do business with Blue Jean Property Management, you can expect honest, transparent communication which is focused on doing what is best for your property. We care about providing the best experience to all our clients and we work very hard to establish long lasting relationships. We would welcome the opportunity to show you what great customer service looks like.

Blue Jean Property Management provides the following services:

  • Preparing monthly financial statements, assessments and fee schedules
  • Configuring community websites and communication portal with document library for each Corporation
  • Completing all mail outs (Canada post or electronically) on behalf of the Board
  • Collecting monthly condominium contribution fees and depositing into condo corporations accounts
  • Holding accounts for operating and reserve for each Corporation
  • Tendering all budgeted costs to provide the best economical option possible to the Board of Directors
  • Communicating and advising the Board on various investments when applicable
  • Handling all communication between Owners and Board of Directors
  • Ensuring that all tenants, occupants, and owners conform to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations
  • Recommending coverage and obtain proposals for Insurance as required by the Alberta Condominium Property Act and Corporation Bylaws.
  • Completing all documentation required for Unit holders to have their property sold
  • Completing the turnover or set up of new properties
  • Maintaining complete set up files and documents for the Corporation, which include Corporation By-laws, House Rules, Policies and Procedures, Insurance Policies, Budgets, and any other documents pertaining to the Corporation.
  • Maintaining and updating the Owner’s list and information as required.
  • 24 hour – after hours emergency answering service
  • Completing any and all land title change of information forms, including agent address and Board of Directors update.
  • Ensuring all contractors have WCB and Insurance Liability
  • Handling all work completed by contractors, which includes: site visits, invoices, etc.
  • Completing on-site inspections monthly and provide a detailed report of said inspections.
  • Reviewing By-laws and Condominium Property Act and suggest or recommend changes as required.
  • Keeping Board updated on all news and updates on behalf of the industry.


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